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The Lottery Company Ltd is the foremost authority on lotteries from around the world and has provided unrivalled lottery results and information services for over 30 years.

Worldwide Lottery Coverage

With some of the most knowledgeable people in the lottery industry behind it, The Lottery Company has developed a range of websites and apps offering services that can’t be found anywhere else:

Lottery Machine

The latest lottery results published online before anyone else. Our Results Verification team carefully validates all the results we publish to make sure they’re accurate.

Lottery Ticket

Detailed information about more than 680 state and national lottery games from around the world. The depth and breadth of our information is unmatched.


A comprehensive database of results from the last century and further. We even have lottery results dating all the way back to the year 1812!

Planet Earth

Websites published in 30 languages, with content localised to each country and region to make it as relevant as possible to every user.

Industry-leading Apps

The Lottery Company is the leading app publisher in the lottery industry, with more than 50 published apps and over four million downloads.

Our apps are built with the main aim of making life more convenient for lottery players, and their features include ticket scanners, customisable notifications and, most importantly, the latest lottery results delivered straight after each draw. Here are just some of the apps we’ve published:

  • National Lottery Results: Everything you need to know about UK lottery games, including the latest winning numbers before anyone else has them.
  • EuroMillions: Europe's biggest and best lottery is immensely popular so we've built an app that can accommodate the huge demand for information.
  • US Powerball Lottery: The perfect companion for the United States' Powerball lottery, one of the biggest games in the world. Get results, statistics and all the information you need direct to your smartphone.
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Decades of experience

The Lottery Company Ltd was formed when the internet was still in its infancy and has now grown to encompass hundreds of websites and apps.

The people that were with the company then are still with us now and these experts use their decades of knowledge to give our users the best experience they can ask for.

Sam Weren is the country’s leading lottery analyst and has been with the company from the start. He has appeared on the BBC as a lottery expert and has written about the subject for many local and national newspapers, including the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and Daily Express. Sam is just one of the experts we have on board to help create valuable tools and resources for lottery players worldwide.

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The Lottery Company's websites and apps are trusted by people all over the world and as a result they attract millions of users every month.


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