Industry-Leading Lottery Services

Our vast database of lottery results and information means that we can provide tools and services no one else can.

Comprehensive Results Database

Our industry-leading lottery results database collects the winning numbers from decades – sometimes even centuries – of lottery draws from all over the world. Whether it’s the results from yesterday’s U.S. Powerball draw or the numbers from the Spanish Christmas Raffle of 1812, we have the information. This ensures that no matter what our users are looking for, they will find it on our websites.

Lottery Database

In-Depth Lottery Statistics

Having such as deep well of information to draw upon means we can provide some sophisticated tools for lottery players. Our detailed statistics provide insight into the trends from past draws, whether that’s the most common numbers drawn in a particular lottery, or more advanced stats, such as Bell Curve analyses and Hit and Miss tables.

Accurate and Reliable Information

Our encyclopaedic knowledge of lotteries, decades of industry experience, and rigorous research mean that the information we present through our websites and apps is trusted by lottery players the world over. No other company has such far-reaching knowledge and experience of the lottery industry and we make sure every bit of information published on our apps and websites is 100% reliable. Our dedicated Results Verification team meticulously checks every single lottery result we publish to ensure the numbers are accurate.

Lottery iPad

Lottery News and Announcements

We like our users to be as informed as possible, so we keep an ear close to the ground for any breaking news or announcements in the lottery world. Whether it’s a big jackpot win or the launch of a new game, we are usually the first to hear about it, and we work as fast as possible to bring that information to you. We also publish live results feeds for big jackpot draws and other special events.