Lottery Apps

We create best-in-class lottery apps that provide a host of unbeatable features. Our apps are popular with lottery fans all over the world – they have been downloaded more than four million times and counting.

A Growing Portfolio

With more than 50 apps published for Android and iOS devices, we have made it easy for lottery fans to access all the information they need ever since the first iPhone was released. We never stand still either, with more apps always in the pipeline.

Timely and Relevant Notifications

Our apps are built to give you the information you want, when you want it. An unrivalled notification system delivers the latest lottery results faster than any other service and allows you to fully customise what alerts you receive.

Lottery Results and More

In addition to verified lottery results, our apps provide many tools to make it more convenient for you to enter your favourite games. Cutting-edge scanners can show whether a ticket is a winner in an instant, while our industry-leading suite of lottery statistics can help you make informed decisions about the numbers you play.

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Our apps are the perfect lottery companions – here are some examples of the apps we have produced:

National Lottery Results

A comprehensive results and information app covering all UK National Lottery games.

It provides the latest winning numbers for games such as Lotto, Thunderball and Set For Life, and lets you check your numbers in an instant. A must for UK lottery fans!

  • Get up-to-date results for all National Lottery games straight after every draw. All the winning numbers are carefully validated by our Results Verification team.
  • The app's easy-to-use Ticket Scanners give you the ability to check your lottery numbers in a matter of seconds. You can also save your numbers to the app to check against future results.
  • Customise your notifications to be alerted about the games that matter to you. Set notifications to find out the moment results are confirmed, when the jackpot reaches a certain value, and much more.
Lottery App
Lottery App


The biggest lottery in Europe deserves an app to match.

Our EuroMillions app provides the latest winning numbers at the touch of a button and a range of tools to help you play for some of the biggest jackpots in the world.

  • The latest winning EuroMillions numbers delivered direct to the app as soon as they’re confirmed. The results are added with speed and accuracy, thanks to our dedicated Results Verification team.
  • Access an archive of past results dating back to the very first draw. Whether you’re looking for the most recent EuroMillions result or one from years ago, we have it.
  • Take advantage of our library of meticulously researched how-to guides and articles. You can find information about everything to do with EuroMillions, including how to play in every participating country.

Texas Lotto Results

Up-to-date results and information about one of the biggest state lotteries in the US.

Whether you want the winning numbers for iconic games like Texas Two Step or you want to check your Texas Lotto ticket, this app has all the tools you need.

  • Set up alerts to find out when the latest Texas lottery numbers are available. You can view the latest results for every game the Lone Star state offers and see full prize payouts for Texas Lotto, Powerball, and Mega Millions.
  • Use the Ticket Checkers to find out if you've won. Perform a quick check or add your numbers to the app, where they will be stored to check against future results.
  • Access detailed lottery statistics for Texas Lotto, Powerball, and Mega Millions. Check how frequently each number has been drawn in the past and use the information when picking your own numbers.
Lottery App
Lottery App


SuperEnalotto is an Italian lottery with bags of tradition and a reputation for big prizes.

It’s also quite a complex game, especially for newcomers, but our app makes it simple to understand while still delivering the very latest results.

  • Results and prize draw information, including SuperStar payouts, for every SuperEnalotto game played. There are three draws a week and you'll receive verified results immediately after each one has taken place.
  • Save your favourite numbers and use the app’s built-in Ticket Checker to find out if you’ve won a prize in seconds. You can also perform quick checks for any one-off number combinations you play.
  • Multilingual support – the app can be viewed in English, Italian, and six other languages, so it can be enjoyed by SuperEnalotto fans around the world.

Powerball Lottery

With jackpots that can reach billions of dollars, Powerball is the biggest lottery on the planet.

Our Powerball Lottery app is built to serve millions of players with the latest numbers and up-to-date information on where those record-beating jackpots stand.

  • See the winning numbers from every draw as soon as they have been verified by our team. The results include the winning Power Play number and full prize payout information.
  • Access a comprehensive archive of winning Powerball numbers, dating back to the very first draw, and find out when the world’s biggest jackpots were won.
  • Take advantage of a range of tools designed to make it easier than ever to play Powerball. Use the Ticket Checker to find out if you’re a winner and create your next line of numbers with the app’s Number Generator.
Lottery App